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Welcome to BulletRage, an intense twin-stick arcade shooter with non-stop adrenaline action and up to 4 players Co-op. Hardcore and casual players alike will enjoy the 5 difficulty modes, story campaign and unlockables for endless weapon customization. Dash and wreak havoc into swarms of deadly enemies, using overwhelming firepower with insane power-ups and weapon customizations. 

Game Story

Aliens have conquered the human race, and now they’ve put us on trial in a twisted game show broadcasted live throughout the galaxy. It’s up to you to use oversized weaponry and crazy power-ups to ensure our continued existence. Are you up for the challenge?


Chimera One Games is an independent game studio founded in 2016 in Canada, with a core focus on bringing back intense action classic arcade gaming to desktop and console.

How it started: 

One day inspiration stuck when our team realized what was missing from so many modern games these days. It was the straight-forward arcade action that had taken a back seat to complex mechanics and story elements. With that in mind, we set out to create something that has the soul of classic arcade action, but combined with modern improvements on the genre.

Evolution of BulletRage:

The game BulletRage started as a mobile top-down twinstick shooter. With the foundation built, we proceed to ramp up on the intensity of the graphics and gameplay.  It was at that point when we realized the huge problem of how slippery a mobile phone's display was.  The slippery screen did not allow for the precise control that was required of a classic arcade style game as we imagined. And our graphics would not have been playable on the lower end of phones as well. 

The shift to Desktop and Console:

After the move to a PC focused development, BulletRage progressed quickly. Graphics were upgraded, gameplay intensity was greatly amplified, and we added in lots and lots of explosions.  With all of the new upgrades in the game, we were able to create a playable demo that immediately attracted the attention of fans of the action genre. And all of them had the same request: Make it multiplayer now!

BulletRage Multiplayer:

Multiplayer function was the one important element that was missing to complete the classic arcade experience. The exciting joy of colorful giant bullets streaking across the screen, frantic joystick mashing, and yelling at your friends whether they did good or bad. That was the delicious vision we believe that we have achieved.


Weapon socket system for endless customization, then tear through over 40 levels of relentless traps and enemies to win humanity’s survival. Fight through the campaign story, battle to the top of leaderboards, or use the level editor to make and share devious levels of your own design.

-Weapon socket system for endless customization 

-5 difficulties fine-tuned for casual to competitive gameplay

-Up to 4 players with local or online multiplayer 

-Giant boss fights of epic proportions

-More than 40 hand-crafted levels in campaign mode

-Acquire achievements to unlock player and weapon skins

-Use the built-in level editor to create levels you can share with world

-Twitch Dungeon Master Mode: Viewers have the ability to unleash deadly enemies and effects

-Dozens of exciting arcade power-ups and unique enemies

-Cross-platform leaderboards

-Multi-platform release, with initial release on Windows, OS X, and Linux

Team BulletRage


Herbert Yung


Stefano Sottocorna


Mike Chambers

3D Artist

George Karagioules


Casey Sharer

Creative Director

Craig Sheppard

Community Manager

Michael Moman

Voice Artist